Hi! Welcome to our site. We are a married couple who got together to make music, and our musical explorations (singing and songwriting) led us to our deeper connection. We wanted to put some of our songs on the Net to share our joy in musical creation with friends and family (and, of course, ultimately the world!). We hope you enjoy our music as much as we do. Thanks!

Tracy & Steve

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Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA

What's New

June 16, 2016

Whew, this was a long time coming. We finally have gotten our really great song "First Love" available for purchase. We're really proud of this one. The writing happened so beautifully and seamlessly within 2 days - about 8 years ago. Steve channelled this amazing piece in a one-off recording session the first time, and e-mailed me the music. I sat at my home computer and listened to it and wrote from my heart the lyrics that fit so beautifully. And we have never grown tired of this one. So we re-release it now, hopefully in a way that appeals to our fans. Click here if you want to hear a clip and/or purchase it:  First Love MP3

Love Tracy

June 7, 2016

Steve and I have recently had a surge of inspiration for some lighthearted music. Watch for our new song to be released this year "A Prairie Girl's Mountain Song" and "Got Somethin' To Say." Hopefully some collaboration will be involved as I am hearing all sorts of other instruments in "Got Somethin' To Say." 

February 25, 2016

Hey folks! New Music available for purchase. Our amazing song Waterfall has just been released through CD Baby. Would love for you to own it. If the sampler on the CD Baby site, does not give you enough of the song to decide to buy it, please watch at our Video first. Thanks! Love and many blessings, Tracy

December 13, 2015

What an irony... read about the U.S. Syrian refugees giving aid to these U.S. Homeless War Veterans.  The song 8 Minutes For Peace encourages those who listen to love their neighbor, and do unto others as you would have others do to you. It's the time of year to quote the Bible, what can I say. The refugees have compassion because they understand the shoes the veterans walk in and the hardships they have faced. Our song 8 Minutes For Peace is a contemplation of how those affected by war on home soil feel. Send Syrian refugees your love and financial aid if you can. These innocent people need our help. And purchase the song 8 Minutes For Peace, ten percent of  any proceeds will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross. Thank you for caring. Love & light, Tracy

December 10, 2015

Our first single is released today on CD Baby. It is supposed to be available on Amazon and Itunes as well but I can't find it there. So exciting! You can still watch the vid for free on this site's Videos page, but now you can also buy it HERE. Thanks for buying our music!

Peace Out and Merry Christmas!  Tracy & Steve

September 28, 2015

I am being called upon by my heart to do what I can to assist the Syrian refugees. I know we are all unsure what to do. Fear of the Islamic Nation and the very fundamentalist ISIS group are in the back of our minds. But that is why the innocent who are fleeing from these extremists need help. With civil war on their home soil millions of Syrians are running for their lives to safety of nearby countries.

I wrote the song 8 in 2008, inspired by a local artist Phil Allain and his group of concerts to bring focused peaceful energy to the date 08/08/2008, the opening date of the Beijing Olympics. World tension was high at that time. Fear was that a war with China was imminent and many countries did not attend the Olympics that year. But once a month for several months 8 musicians shared a stage to sing themselves peaceful and unite to share 8 minutes for peace. My husband and I played in the final concert of this series. War did not ensue. Whether we made an impact or not, I don't know. But I hope so. Just as I hope now that Syrian refugees can be compassionately received in our hearts today.

Take a listen to this song. My guitar ability was and is crap, so my husband brought the sound of guitar to life with his electric piano. I love my guy, he's amazing.

Here is an article by Graham Thomson, which article appeared in the Edmonton Journal. It explains the Syrian refugee crisis.

Here is a photo gallery that shows the complex contrast between how some citizens live, and the lives of the refugees.

Click here to help the Syrian refugees now by donating what you can.

Tracy Rosborough


July 1, 2015

OK, the third video is up and running! We completed "Undo Me", had a bit of a break, and just recently got to work on the next production: "Waterfall" and now have uploaded it to Youtube, as you can see if you click on the links underlined above. (And just in case you forgot how wonderful it is, here is a link to "First Love", too!).

The song "Waterfall" was written on our honeymoon, 6 years ago now (time flies!), in the wilds of BC. We were struck by the majesty and peacefulness of the rushing and falling water in the mountains, and couldn't resist capturing it in a song. We hope you enjoy our creations!

March 22, 2015

Steve created the video to First Love which we recorded last summer in Victoria. Check it out on our video page. One of our newer songs, Undo Me is close to having a video completed also. Just putting the finishing touches on that one. Both will be available soon on our new Divine Irreverence Youtube Channel as well as through our new Divine Irreverence Facebook Page.

August 17, 2014

We recently traveled to Victoria, B.C. and while there recorded two of our home-grown songs. We enjoyed the process and the view. The studio was located on a remote part of Vancouver Island in a densely wooded area overlooking an ocean inlet. Very inspiring. While there we were cautioned by the studio owner who insisted on the importance of us registering our music with Socan or Ascap to reserve royalty rights. So now we have some pretty decent tracks which we would love to share, however, I am weighed down by the process of reserving our rights for the music. Ah, what a problem to have eh? Tracy for Divine Irreverence.

April 2, 2013

Well, loaded up some photos to the photo gallery page.  Hope you enjoy seeing us ham it up striking all sorts of poses.  Love T

March 31, 2013  

Well, this website, for one. We have started up the website today, for publication to the world. we really wanted to share the inspirations we have been working on for a long time. Time to get some stuff out and published! We start today with two videos, one of an original song, called "Eight", and the other a cover of "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen, two of our favorites. You can watch them in the Videos page of this website.