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 I feel as though the mountains are a beautiful place to relax, rest and let go. There is an awesome ruggedness there, especially as we rest beneath the immense power of a waterfall. For a time it seemed it was a place for me to cry and release childhood and relationship grief, ironically at a time when I was welcoming stability, love and acceptance into my life on my honeymoon. These pics are a compilation of our various road trips to the mountains in Western Canada and the United States since then. I hope you enjoy them.

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We need to remind ourselves that there are always Innocent Lives which are shattered because of wars. I often contemplate all that I have to be grateful for having never set foot in a war-torn country and having never experienced war firsthand. This song encourages you to be grateful for freedom and peace. At this time global tensions surrounding ISIS and the war in Syria command our attention. There are many displaced, disgraced and discouraged people who are at the mercy of tyranny. I hope that my song encourages you to send love to them.

The writing of this song was inspired by events in 2008 and the political tensions of the day. I feared a global conflict between the allied democratic nations and China. My husband and I gathered with other musicians to create a peaceful intention on July 8, 2008 and for several months prior on the 8th day of each month. We sang, we played, we meditated for peace for 8 minutes at the end of each of these concerts. The concert series was called 8.  For Historical Political Details